International Cooperation

The co-operation with foreign organizations is divided into two areas:

  • Technical and scientific – contacts with papermaking organizations worldwide including EuCePa (France), TAPPI (USA), PPTAC (Canada), PITA (UK), PFEA (Finland), ZELLCHEMING (Germany), ATIP (France), IPH and the FAO Advisory Committee on Wood and Paper Products (Italy)
  • Economic/business – membership in CEPI, FEFCO and ICFPA (International Council of Forest and Paper Associations

In frames of technical and scientific co-operation with foreign associations, SPP exchanges industry journals, shares information on conferences and symposia, cooperates in organization of international conferences, exchanges honorary membership, statistics and information on association activities.

In frames of business cooperation, on behalf of paper and board manufacturers, SPP is a member of CEPI and on behalf of corrugated board manufacturers is a member of FEFCO.

Representatives of the SPP members participate in the standing committees of those organizations and have influence on their activities and new EU legislation.