The SPP celebrates 8th Congress of Polish Papermakers and presents new authorities for the term of 2016 - 2020

Maciej Kunda (CEO Mondi Świeie SA, COO Containerboard Europe & International) will lead the Association of Polish Papermakers (SPP) in years 2016-2020.

In his speech, the new chairman highlighted key areas, on which SPP should focus, such as further work on development of the pulp and paper industry, support to the industry in the process of changes and help to adapt to new legal requirements and an active role in developing the regulations allowing the industry to develop sustainably.

For great service to the Association and the industry, the Congress passed a resolution granting the dignity of SPP Honorary Members and adopted a resolution on giving the Honorary Badges. SPP general director and managing director were awarded with the Honorary Badges of the the National Chamber of Commerce. The Polish Federation of Engineering Associations also awarded the SPP members with their Gold and Silver Badges.

The 8th Congress adopted several resolutions concerning amendments to the SPP Statute, the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee, election statute.

There were also three presentations given which focused on the history of paper industry organizations in the 70th anniversary of the Association of Paper Industry Engineers and Technicians, the last 100 years of the Polish paper industry and the main challenges facing Polish paper industry today.

The Congress was also the occasion to thank retiring SPP general director Zbigniew Fornalski for his great contribution to the Association and the paper industry.


The SPP Authorities for 2016 – 2020

Chairman – Maciej Kunda


  1. Maciej Doliwa - Paper Section
  2. Jerzy Janowicz - Paper Section
  3. Marek Ściążko - Paper Section
  4. Halina Florek - Corrugated Board Section
  5. Paweł Rogalka - Corrugated Board Section
  6. Tomasz Żebrowski -Corrugated Board Section
  7. Konrad Olejnik - Engineering Section
  8. Andrzej Głębowski - Technical Section

    Deputy members

    1. Tomasz Katewicz - Paper Section
    2. Piotr Rachowski - Corrugated Board Section
    3. Danuta Ciechańska - Engineering Section
    4. Małgorzata Michniewicz - Technical Section


Audit Committee

  1. Tadeusz Ginalski
  2. Urszula Janiga
  3. Tadeusz Kolbuszewski
  4. Jarosław Palenik
  5. Włodzimierz Szewczyk

    Deputy members
    1. Agnieszka Struszczyk
    2. Krystyna Szadowiak-Pakowska


Nomination Committee

  1. Elżbieta Baranek
  2. Michał Janiga
  3. Jadwiga Kolbuszewska
  4. Marek Kryczka
  5. Maria Żubrzak

    Deputy members
    1. Agnieszka Wysocka-Robak
    2. Kazimierz Przybysz



The SPP Board of Directors

Maciej Kunda

 Paweł Rogalka
I Deputy Chairman

Andrzej Głębowski
Deputy Chairman

Konrad Olejnik
Deputy Chairman

Jerzy Janowicz
Deputy Chairman

Janusz Turski
General Director

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