SPP speech at the conference “Corrugated cardboard – the latest technologies”

The next edition of the conference “Corrugated board – the latest technologies” took place in Mrągowo on October 5-6. One of the patrons of the conference was our Association, and the organizers (Polski Drukarz Sp. z o.o. ) made sure that the participants of the event could exchange experiences and find answers to difficult questions in the corrugated board industry. Integration and, above all, a rich program were also guaranteed.

On the second day of the conference, representatives of SPP – Katarzyna Godlewska, director of the SPP office, and Agnieszka Werner, specialist in the Corrugated Board Section – gave a speech entitled “Corrugated board and packaging in the EU.” In the first part of the speech, Director Godlewska spoke a little about the technological and a little more about the legislative approach to corrugated board. Among other things, she spoke about SUP and how cardboard became a plastic. She also mentioned migration and, above all, the “PPWR armageddon” and all that this armageddon brings with it…. In the second part of SPP’s speech, the floor was given to A. Werner, who discussed the situation in the corrugated board and packaging market – both in the national and European context. The participants were also encouraged to read the “Polish Paper Review”, which published interesting articles (both on the market and on PPWR, as well as others). At the very end of the speech, everyone was able to watch a video on PPWR – the video was prepared by FEFCO, while SPP took care to add Polish texts. Participants were informed about the possibility of downloading the video and distributing it on their media, especially now that work on the PPWR project is underway.

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