30th Anniversary of the Papermaker’s Club

On September 28-29, 2023, the 30th anniversary celebration of the Papermaker’s Club was held in Lodz, Poland. On Thursday, 28/09, the official part began with a speech by Aneta Muskała, President of SPP. Then, in the official part, Andrzej Głębowski, Vice President of SPP, referred to the history of the Papermaker’s Club in his speech. Finally, Stanislaw Matczuk, Chairman of the Council of the Papermaker’s Club, gave a short presentation. The ceremony was honored by the presence of Prof. Jolanta Habisiak-Rudzka, Director of the Artistic Book Museum in Lodz. Before the scheduled lectures by Museum staff, SPP President (A. Muskała), Vice President (A. Głębowski) and Director Katarzyna Godlewska honored the Club’s most distinguished members with commemorative diplomas. Among them was Jolanta Tybuś, who has actively supported the Club’s activities for many years. After the official part, the scheduled lectures began, which showed the paper from the point of view of the staff of the Artistic Book Museum. Participants could learn about such topics as “Paper as a liberated and engaged matter” by Magdalena Soboń, the technical nuances of the work of a conservator in a lecture by Aleksandra Ćwikowska entitled: “The most common damages to antique paper”.

After the end of the lectures prepared by the staff of the Artistic Book Museum, Maciej Szymczyk, Director of the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki, and Karolina Dyjas talked about the project “Maps of Polish Paper Mills” co-financed by SPP. At the end, Prof. Jolanta Habisiak-Rudzka thanked for the invitation and for allowing her staff to present the museum’s activities.

On the second day, the participants of the jubilee had the opportunity to listen to a speech by Dr. Konrad Olejnik, Prof. of the University of Lodz, director of the Center for Papermaking and Printing of the University of Lodz, who told a little about its history. This was followed by a tour of the Center, completely changed after its recent renovation.

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