X Congress of Polish Papermakers – summary

X Congress of Polish Papermakers – summary

The 10th Congress of Polish Papermakers was held on June 6, 2024. The event was attended by members of the Association of Polish Papermakers and invited guests (in the second open part of the Congress):

  • Krzysztof Niczyporuk, president of the Polish Chamber of Packaging
  • Prof. Stefan Góralczyk, vice president of NOT
  • Łukasz Sosnowski, president of ProKarton
  • Adam Rylski, PhD, president of FSNT-NOT in Lodz

During the first session of the Congress (dedicated only to members of the Association), reports were presented on the substantive and financial activities of the Association Council in the 9th term, reports on the activities of the Audit and Nominating Committees in the 9th term. The results of the elections to the SPP authorities of the 10th term were presented and approved. Resolutions were also passed on reports and awards and honors.

In the second part of the Congress, also open to invited guests, the new SPP Authorities were introduced, the composition of the SPP Board, SPP Council, Audit Committee and Nominating Committee – the relevant nominations were handed out. Invited guests spoke, delivering congratulatory speeches.

In addition, diplomas of SPP Honorary Member, Badges of Honor, prizes for the winners of the SPP competitions of Prof. J. Łapiński and Prof. E. Szwarcsztajn were also presented. Congratulations to all!!!

Problem papers were also presented at the Congress:

  • Tomasz Katewicz, chairman of SPP: “Packaging Market. Navigating through trends, challenges and solutions in the corrugated paper market”
  • Piotr Kolasa, Kancelaria Polowiec i Wspólnicy: “Legal and market challenges of the energy-intensive sector”
  • Maciej Szymczyk, Director of the Museum of Papermaking: “The portal www.papiernie.pl one year after its launch.”

In addition, Paweł Jarecki, in place of Honorata Gruszka, talked about the Young Papermakers Foundation named after Professor Paweł Wandelt.



Tomasz Katewicz

SPP Council

Paper Section

  • Michał Jarczyński – member
  • Maciej Doliwa – member
  • Marek Sciążko – member
  • Wanda Ciesielczuk – deputy member

Section of corrugated board

  • Tomasz Żebrowski – member
  • Marcin Grabowski – member
  • Jacek Niewęgłowski – member

Technique Section

  • Andrzej Głębowski – member
  • Tomasz Garbowski – deputy member

Infrastructure Section

  • Konrad Olejnik – member
  • Radoslaw Dziuba – deputy member

Review Committee

  • Urszula Janiga – member
  • Mariusz Reczulski – member
  • Tadeusz Kolbuszewski – member
  • Izabela Podawczyk – member
  • Jadwiga Stufka-Olczyk – member
  • Justyna Wietecha – deputy member
  • Tadeusz Szczepański – deputy member

Nominating Committee

  • Elżbieta Baranek – member
  • Michał Janiga – member
  • Maria Żubrzak – member
  • Agnieszka Wysocka-Robak – member
  • Małgorzata Michniewicz – member
  • Sylwia Jagodzińska – deputy member
  • Konrad Chlubek – deputy member


Tomasz Katewicz (Mondi Swiecie) – chairman of SPP
Tomasz Żebrowski (Stora Enso) – 1 deputy chairman (STF)
Andrzej Głębowski (business) – deputy chairman (ST)
Michał Jarczyński (Arctic Paper Kostrzyn)– deputy chairman (SP)
Konrad Olejnik (CPiP PŁ) – deputy chairman (SI)
Janusz Turski (secretary of the Board of Directors) – general director of SPP

Below are photos from the 10th Congress of Polish Papermakers.

Photos: A. Werner, SPP

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