Industry’s voice in European debate as part of “Circular Economy Week”

On October 23, 2023, under the auspices of the European Commission in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee, a debate entitled “On the road to Sustainable Packaging” was held at the headquarters of the British Embassy in Warsaw. It was part of a coordinated effort by EU member states to focus on the challenges of achieving the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal. The establishment of an institutionalized dialogue formula, known as the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, is aimed at achieving the set goals.

The conference at the Embassy filled this year’s catalog of events organized by Poland as part of the European Circular Economy Week, from Oct. 23-27. The common idea behind the initiative is to integrate efforts to truly solidify the circular economy model (put the economy in circular motion). The most important goal of the initiative is to promote the benefits of this concept for the environment and society, by supporting sustainable business models, developing cooperation between key actors in the transformation of the economy. The organization of the event was entrusted to the Institute for Innovation and Responsible Development (INNOVO: Institute for Innovation and Responsible Development).

The invitation to participate in the debate was addressed to a targeted group of institutions and citizens, such as: representatives of state institutions (government and local government bodies), industry organizations operating in the waste management sector affiliated in nationwide structures, research and science sector units, centers responsible for education and knowledge dissemination, financial institutions, activists of pro-environmental organizations. The organizers ensured the presence of promoters of progressive actions to build the foundations for the operation of a permanently sustainable model of the economy for the future, based on solid pillars such as Environmentally and Socially Responsible Management – Zero Waste – Closed Circuit – Bioeconomy – Energy Transformation – Climate Neutrality. Among the participants, our Association was represented by J. Turski (Director General of SPP).

Photos: J. Turski, SPP

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