Janusz Turski chairman of the Presidium of the National Council of FSNT-NOT 2025

On June 26, 2024, at the headquarters of the House of Technician in Warsaw, a stationary meeting of the FSNT NOT National Council was held. Among the less than 40 delegates present, our Association was represented by J.Turski (SPP general director). The proceedings of the meeting were chaired by K. Dabrowski (SITP). Before the start of the formal part, the winners of the Technicus 2024 Competition were honored. In accordance with the rules of the meeting, a quorum was established, after which such issues were considered as:

  • Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting of the FSNT-NOT NC, on 5.02.24.
    Election of the composition of the Presidium of the FSNT-NOT National Council for 2025:
    – Adoption of a resolution on the appointment of new persons to serve on the Presidium of the NC in the next term: J. Turski (SPP) – chairman of the RK, J. Mietliński (SITK) – vice-chairman. T. Bruzda (PZITS) – vice-president of the PC of FSNT NOT. RK FSNT NOT.
  • Information on the work of the General Board since the last meeting, (5.02.-25.06.24).
  • Report of the General Board of FSNT-NOT on its activities for 2023(president of the General Board of FSNT NOT).
  • Financial report on the implementation of tasks in 2023 (Director of the General Board of FSNT NOT).
  • Evaluation of the activities of the General Board and the report of the General Audit Committee for 2023.


  • Adoption of resolutions of the following issues:
    – adoption of a report on the activities of the FSNT-NOT ZG in 2023,
    – Adoption of the assessment of the activities of the FSNT-NOT GG in 2023,
    – adoption of a report on the activities of the GKR FSNT-NOT in 2023,
    – Voting (by roll call) on the discharge of the members of ZG FSNT-NOT.
  • Property matters, concerning the disposition of resources in TJOs (field organizational units) of FSNT-NOT.
  • Supplementation of the provisions in the Statute of FSNT-NOT allowing the expansion of the activities of TJOs to take advantage of the provisions of the Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteerism (resolution).
  • Conclusion of the meeting, including the speech of J. Turski on behalf of the newly elected composition of the Presidium for 2025.

Photos: J. Turski, SPP

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