SPP participant in nationwide forestry consultation

On April 22 – 23, 2024, a nationwide forestry deliberation was organized in Warsaw, on the initiative of the Ministry of Climate and Environment (MKiŚ) in consultation with the General Directorate of the State Forests (DGLP). Among the invited participants were representatives of the widely diverse socio-professional community in Poland. Our Association was represented by: Dr. Robert Motala (Stora Enso Poland). The first day of the meeting was dominated by sessions with presentations of papers covering such important topics as:

  • “The concept of strengthening the protection of naturally valuable and socially important forests – the vision of the State Forests”.
  • “The concept of strengthening the protection of naturally valuable and socially important forests – expert’s vision”.
  • “Forest management yesterday, today and tomorrow in the light of current social, economic, economic and climatic conditions and in the light of international obligations for the protection of biodiversity”.

The second day of the session was carried out in a dynamic scenario, i.e. in the form of workshops. Participants were invited to express free views in the formula of six “topic tables.” Subsequently, the developed views were communicated in the form of conclusions to all participants in the session – by consensus persons designated by each thematic team.

It is the intention of the Ministry of Climate and Environment (MKiŚ) and the General Directorate of State Forests (DGLP) that the results of the meeting will contribute to agreeing on the future shape of forestry in Poland. As political decision-makers declare, it is crucial to adopt an integrated model of forest management, taking into account public demands for exemptions. The ministry’s leadership stresses the growing importance of forests as a sanctuary of biodiversity and a space that determines the quality of life of Polish women and men. According to the Ministry, the State Forests – an organization with a 100-year tradition that manages ¾ of Poland’s forest resources – should meet environmental challenges and social expectations. As stated by W. Koss – Director General of the State Forests, in the formula of substantive dialogue, it was possible to develop criteria for forests, which will become the basis for the qualification of their resources into areas, as listed below:

  • where use will be stopped completely: habitats with water conservation, wetlands and floodplains, new reserves, habitats in the Natura 2000 system (based on 15 criteria).
  • partially excluded from use, with a dominant natural or social function: taking into account the aesthetics of the landscape (based on 14 criteria).
  • other multifunctional forests.  

As the MKiŚ and DGLP agree, the way to go is to designate the 20% most valuable forests. In their view, this is a safe, equitable proposal that takes into account current legal regulations. At the same time, it was strongly emphasized that the timetable for reaching the set target should take into account the acceptable pace of the transformation process in the forest-wood sector.

graphic: Ministry of Climate and Environment

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