SPP’s voice in the debates of the Parliamentary Commission on the current situation in the wood market

On February 21 and 22 of this year. Janusz Turski, Director General of SPP, took part in meetings of the Parliamentary Commissions: The Standing Subcommittee on Economic Development and the Commission on Environmental Protection Natural Resources and Forestry (Komisja OSZNiL). The topic of both debates was the discussion of the current situation in the wood market. Entrepreneurs from the various sectors of the wood industry, organizations affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Wood Industry, also participated in the debates.

During the debate on February 22, a heated discussion was held after considering the synthetic information prepared by M. Dorożała – Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, on the current situation in the timber market in Poland. First of all, questions were addressed to the MKiŚ by deputies/members of the Environment Committee. Then, the floor was given to the social side, and its representatives most often expressed frustration over the lack of sufficient consultation of the Ministry with all Stakeholders before making important decisions. This applies, for example, to the announcement of a moratorium by the Ministry of Climate and Environmental (dated 8.01.2024) on halting some of the logging in Poland’s most valuable forests. The duration of the aforementioned decision is to last until the ministry analyzes the new forest management plans in terms of the cuttings envisaged under previous governments. Even more emotions among representatives of the wood industry are aroused by the unreflective acceptance of the rules for the sale of timber in 2024 (DGLP’s announcement of 12.02.this year on the timber sale schedule for the second period of 2024), which, despite the signaled controversy, price-forming nature, restriction of access for selected commercial groups – pose an existential threat to the operation of wood processing plants and justified concern about the loss of jobs in areas where forest management is the dominant source of income for local communities.

During the two debates, the position of the paper industry was presented by J. Turski (SPP director general).

You can follow the coverage of both debates at the link:

Photos: J. Turski (SPP)

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